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Child Health

We offer 8 week baby checks with the doctors at which time the first routine immunisations will be given by a Practice Nurse. Other developmental checks are carried out by the Health Visitors. It is important to have your baby weighed and measured the week before the 8 week check.

Please bring your baby's health care record book with you on each occasion (the Red Book)

Maternity Care

Antenatal and postnatal care is shared between the midwives and the doctors.


The practice nurses offer immunisation appointments every day for children and adults. It is important that children have the recommended childhood immunisations and we offer a good range of appointment times to make this as available as possible.

Routine adult immunisations such as tetanus are offered and flu and Pneumovax are available for those at risk or over 65.

Travel Health

The nurses offer travel immunisations and the latest travel advice during booked appointments. Please remember not to leave getting your travel vaccs until the last minute as some of them need time to take effect and appointments can be in short supply at peak times - no less than 6 weeks before you are traveling or we may not be able to help you. Not all travel vaccinations are available on the NHS.  The receptionists can advise you on the cost of vaccinations but not on the appropriate ones for your travel.To give you an idea of what vaccinations you might need please visit Fit for Travel

Private Services

There are a number of services available for which fees will be charged as the work falls outside the scope of the NHS. These include the BUPA type of claim forms used for private referrals, private certificates, medicals for employment, sports or driving and reports to solicitors or employers. We charge the BMA recommended fees and the charges can be found here Non-NHS Services.

Doctors Appointments

Routine appointments can be requested directly with the receptionists, by phone or by using the automated booking system (24 hours).

The doctors offer a range of appointments when you call the Receptionist will guide you to the one to suit you best.  Emergency Slots are available each day for patients who are worried about a condition that they have had for less than 2 weeks and have not seen a doctor about the problem previously.

We are grateful for your help in abiding by these requirements, in order that we can attend rapidly and effectively to medical problems.

Letters from the hospital take an average of two weeks to arrive at the practice.  If your appointment is about a recent hospital appointment please ensure that the receptionist is aware and can ensure that the letter is to hand for the appointment.

Alternatives To A Doctors appointment

Patients with Dental problems need to see a dentist, not a doctor – if you are not registered with an NHS dentist please phone the Surrey Dental Helpline on 0845 271 2040.

Patients with Recent Injuries should attend the Minor Injuries Department in Haslemere Hospital, open Monday to Friday 9.00am until 4.30pm.

Patients with Eye problems may consider seeing an optometrist for recent onset of eye problems. Chandlers Opticians in West Street (01428 652512) are able to offer diagnosis and treatment of minor eye problems.  Simple infections may also be treated directly by the pharmacist.

If you suspect that you may have a chest infection, urine infection, throat or ear infection, our Nurse Practitioners run a Minor Ailments Clinic in which you can be seen and treated.

If you are seeking Contraception advice, the morning after pill or treatment please make an appointment with any of our doctors. Local pharmacies are also able to give the Morning After Pill. 

Patients needing a Repeat prescription in an emergency should make the receptionist aware of their request but do not need to make an appointment to get it. Routine repeat prescriptions can be reordered via our website here or through the pharmacies in Haslemere.

If your appointment is simply to check your Blood Pressure, you can make an appointment with one of our Health Care Assistants.  Alternatively, if your blood pressure has been well-controlled you can also submit home readings, which we can use to ensure that your blood pressure control is adequate. There is a form on our website here. To do this you will need a blood pressure machine which can be borrowed from the practice (with a deposit) or purchase at the local pharmacies or online. Please see the British Hypertensive Society website for recommended machines.

Please take the blood pressure at the same times every day for a week (7 days), doing readings in the mornings and evenings. You should take 3 readings, discard the first, then record the next two. Please average the top (systolic) and bottom (diastolic) readings separately for each day. Finally, take the average of all seven daily readings. Enter the values and the calculations - Click here to download a template for this.

If you need your Ear(s) syringing please make an appointment with our Health Care Assistant or Practice Nurse and then ensure that you put olive oil drops in your ears for 14 days prior to attending for the appointment.

There are specific clinics for patients with long term conditions such as Asthma, Chronic Lung Disease, Heart Disease, Diabetes and Epilepsy.

If you are Pregnant you can book directly in to see the Midwife. If the pregnancy has been uneventful we would normally advise this at 8 to 9 weeks into your pregnancy.

Cervical Smears can be booked with one of the practice nurses.

Updates To Your information

We would also be grateful for updated medical information such as Smoking status, Weight and recent Blood Pressure measurements that you may have.

If your Contact Details have changed please let a receptionist know. Change of Address Forms can be downloaded here.

Repeat Prescriptions

With your doctor's agreement, you may obtain repeat prescriptions with a repeat prescription card. When your medication is put on repeat, a re-order form will be issued to you with your prescriptions.  When you require more medication you should tick the items you need on the form and bring or send it to us. Requests for medication not on your reorder slip must be made in writing for reasons of accuracy.  We do not take requests by phone but faxed requests are accepted.

There is also the facility on our website to order your prescriptions, please go to Patient Services and Prescriptions.

Prescriptions are normally available 2 working days after they reach the surgery,  whichever method you use to order them.  However, should you wish to use the collection service offered by the local chemists or send a stamped addressed envelope for your prescription then extra time will need to be allowed.

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